Playground Markings Experts in Armagh

Playground Markings Experts in Armagh

If you are thinking about installing colourful markings for your school playground, we offer these services with a range of designs available to suit you.

Thermoplastic Floor Graphics in Armagh

Thermoplastic Floor Graphics in Armagh

Our colourful designs are installed using thermoplastic which is pre-cut into the desired shapes and then heat applied onto the tarmac, leaving a bright and durable finish.

Play Area Designs in Armagh

Play Area Designs in Armagh

The thermoplastic graphics can be installed to create educational activities, as well as sports lines and fun games which children will love to play.

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Playground Markings Experts in Armagh

As playground markings experts in Armagh BT62 3 we offer a wide range of services for clients including schools, nurseries and public facilities. There are many colourful graphics which we can install onto existing play areas to create a fun and exciting outdoor space for children. Our team have worked on numerous projects with bespoke designs which have been hugely successful.

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Please take a moment to complete our contact form if you've got any questions with regards to the costs of our painting and marking services. One of our experts will gladly offer you some more product information along with a quote for the project you're looking to carry out.

What is Thermoplastic Line Marking?

Thermoplastic line marking is the installation of a thermoplastic material onto tarmac areas. These can be installed in various shapes and sizes, not just lines. We also have a variety of bright, vibrant colours for you to choose from to meet your individual needs and requirements. Thermoplastic line markings are simple to install, as they are preformed shapes which are simply heated onto the surface. For more details on line-marking services, please complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

Children's Play Area Designs

Our local specialists closest to you, can complete several distinct services that the customer can choose from, as a result of our experience within playground designs. To help make certain the children in Armagh BT62 3 are having a good time we offer an assortment of recreational surface line-markings that are not only useful but are also enjoyable for kids. Each individual can select from many different types of play area designs - suiting different age groups - including colourful characters, classic games and competitive sports. This can help improve your school or nurseries Ofsted Report as you will be able to cater to a range of children in a fun, interactive way. 

School Sports Lines Near Me

For the purpose of competitive sports our playground markings specialists may apply football, tennis, netball, basketball and all purpose designs. This helps schools benefit from playground surfacing and allows them to make use of these facilities for PE and after school clubs. Should you already have play area designs which have become worn out and dull after a while, our experienced professional staff can come out to the playground and improve old lines, improving the facility aesthetically. You could find out more about primary school playgrounds here - or speak to our team by filling out the enquiry form. 

Thermoplastic Floor Graphics

The markings that we install are created from thermoplastic shapes which are put down on top of the required surface and heated up until they melt and adhere to the macadam flooring. An array of distinct colours and specifications can be supplied so that you can pick any line-markings you'd like for the play surfacing that will accommodate the kids using it. If needed, we will colour the tarmac flooring just before our team put down the playground graphics, which helps to make the surfacing appear fresh, as it should be much more bright. Play surfacing graphics application is extremely common in schools, day care centres and parks all through the UK.

Educative markings might include snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number squares; the reason being they have numbers on hence the kids should be learning through the process. Local people can be strengthened through these different types of recreational designs, while also inspiring kids to generally be even more physically active. Our specialists could also use the pupils' national learning curriculum to make the markings. Through this approach, the school’s inspection review and marks could be made better due to possibilities for youngsters to learn skills far better.

How to Install Thermoplastic Graphics Near Me

If you're interested in how to install preformed thermoplastic graphics, please have a look at the process we follow:

  1. Cut out the desired shapes from the cold plastic material
  2. Lay the thermo plastic onto the surface
  3. Heat up the material until it has melted onto the surface
  4. Leave to cool

As specialists, we are able to provide great results, at a great rate. Contact our team today if you'd like to find out more information or have any queries that you would like answering. 

Installation and Repair Service in Armagh

Thermoplastic play area markings are resilient and sturdy; the may be applied quickly while not producing a great deal of interference with the nearby school or nursery or their surrounding areas. Any kind of graphics presently on the surface could be fixed or cleansed by the professional team to ensure that they're working well. When you've got older and worn out play area graphics, we can easily swap this with a new brightly colorful plastic play surface application. In case you don’t need the existing design to be removed, we offer a reapplication service which can upgrade your current graphics and strengthen the appearance of your surface.


As specialists, we can carry out both an installation and repair service depending upon what your surface requires. We have had years of experience dealing with a number of facilities across the UK and can handle playground marking installation perfectly. 

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Please speak with our playground markings experts in Armagh BT62 3 if you would like to receive a quote for applying colourful designs to your outdoor surface. This is a process which is often carried out on school playgrounds, as well as at kindergarten centres and public parks. The designs could be totally customised to suit you so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this.

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