KS1 Schools Graphics

KS1 Schools Graphics

Help improve your facility dramatically with these various products that make playgrounds more fun

Colourful Snakes And Ladders

Colourful Snakes And Ladders

Make your facility far more exciting with the installation of a full sized thermoplastic graphic

Maze Installation Marking

Maze Installation Marking

There are a number of ways to make your school more exciting, having high quality play area games is one of them!

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KS1 School Playground Games

We are professional playground game graphic installers in the UK and we have a range of Key Stage 1 designs.


Key Stage 1 School Playground Games are one of the most important activities for a child, but not only should they learn they should have fun with KS1 games during their break.

There are a huge range of different products and services that we offer in an effort to improve the quality of playgrounds in schools for kids of all ages.

One example of a product that we have available is thermoplastic markings. These are designed to turn an existing tarmac area that offers no play qualities into a facility that can improve the quality of life at school.

If you've got anymore questions regarding the different products and services that we have on offer then please feel free to use the comment section to get in touch with us.

Our specialists are happy to give you any of the information you require to ensure you get the results you are looking for. 

Thermoplastic Playground Graphics Near Me

With regard to children’s play areas, external thermoplastic markings https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/flooring/external/ tend to be installed to brighten the playground and add vibrant graphics.

Kids will be able to experience fun activities in addition to strengthening their health and acquiring valuable skills. Designs could be applied for kids of all ages, from Early Years Foundation Stage and up to primary school.

Academic surface markings could possibly be installed so the pupils will play games to understand many different subjects. Common features for these consist of maths grids, letters, geographical maps and compasses.

Play Activity Designs

The surface markings motivate kids to become active and engage in a lot more activities outdoors. This provides lots of advantages with regard to kids' well being as weight problems are a growing problem in schools.

We've dealt with numerous primary school playgrounds and kindergartens when applying the flooring graphic designs. The designs we implement are created from quality materials so that they provide durability and longer lasting results.

It is crucial for the markings to be safe because young kids would be playing with them all the time.

New thermoplastic surface markings may also make your school appear more exciting and interesting, this could attract youngsters and parents to the facility, and also boost your inspection review.

They will interest both genders and a variety of age groups.

Designs and Specifications

Our nearby company offers lots of colours and shapes for these graphics so they can be appropriately suitable for your Key Stage 1 play activities as well as the surrounding area.

A lot of local schools, nurseries and open public leisure areas closest to you have the heat applied plastic graphics put down to create a decorative and longer lasting facility.

If you currently have any out of date and damaged Key Stage 1 Playground Games Designs we are able to improve them to make them look fresh and vibrant.

The range of markings we offer comprises many traditional activities such as hopscotch and duck duck goose.

Multi-Purpose Thermoplastic Installations Near Me

We can implement markings for many sporting activities to create a multipurpose space. These can include surfaces such as football - https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/games/football/ which can be enjoyed by all children, all year round.

Since youngsters are encouraged to take part in numerous fun games, they be a little more focused throughout school so it is easier to take in information.

Through enjoying distinct activities with other people, the youngsters can easily develop in a social way as well as with physical fitness.

A lot of necessary abilities including teamwork and problem solving could be mastered through enjoying the different activities while on the play-area.

Through doing this, the kids can easily play together as part of a team as well as participating in distinctive activities.

Quality Play Area Graphics

Thermoplastic designs have a special approach in terms of how they will be installed. We will put the pre-cut designs on the macadam surface and apply heat using a special burner until they stick down.

It is an environmentally friendly, user safe and 100% stable product that can refresh a pre-existing play-area. These are an effective way to boost a play area's aesthetic appeal so it's more enjoyable on KS1 Playground Games.

We take pride in offering products to entertain and educate via School Playground graphics.

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As specialists we are able to install a range of designs to your Key Stage 1 school.

These graphics can include a daily mile https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/learning/daily-mile/ which can encourage kids and adults to be outside and get exercise.

Speak with us today if you'd like to find out more information or learn about the design and installation process. 

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We can walk you through the different costs that might occur for Key Stage One school playground games to ensure you get the ideal facility for your needs.


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