Social Distancing Graphics

Social Distancing Graphics

We offer a number of social distancing graphics to encourage 2m distances in public spaces. Fill in our contact form for details on costs.

Preformed Distance Markers

Preformed Distance Markers

Our preformed distance markers are very popular in schools, nurseries and shopping centres. We have a range of designs to suit your needs, so please do get in touch.

Rainbow Social Distancing Markings

Rainbow Social Distancing Markings

Many schools and nurseries choose to have rainbow social distancing markings installed. We have a range of different rainbow designs. Get in touch to find out more.

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Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Are you looking to install social distancing floor graphics at a reasonable cost? Our team have years of experience in outdoor graphics and have recently developed a range of social distance designs. 

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After the spread of Coronavirus across the world, it has become very apparent how important social distancing is. Due to the chance of additional waves and future viruses, it is a good idea to get permanent markings put down in public areas to ensure physical distancing. 

We have a range of different designs which are all design approved by the Department for Transport for pedestrian areas. Our specially made graphics can also be used in a range of other public areas including schools, nurseries, hospitals, shopping centres and more. 

If you require the installation of these graphics, make sure to get in touch with us today. Our team offer the very best installations at great prices. 

Preformed Distancing Markers

All our thermoplastic markings are preformed. This means they are already cut out in their desired shape with the design already formed. They are then applied onto the surface. 

The great thing about our preformed distancing markers is that they are permanent. Thermoplastics are heat applied and so cannot be pulled up without the use of specialist equipment. To find out more about marking removal, please click here:

Lots of people are choosing our permanent markings rather than stickers and tapes, as they cannot lift or peel with use. Our markers can undergo heavy footfall and are extremely durable. 

Unlike stickers that can scuff, fade and cause trip hazards, our thermoplastic graphics are flush and permanent and meet all Government guidelines. The graphics can also be washed if they become dirty.

How to Install Thermoplastic Markings

The installation process of out preformed distancing markers is quite simple for us, as we have all the specialist equipment along with years of experience. 

If you are interested to know how to install thermoplastic markings, we have created a step by step guide here:

  1. Sweep the area where the markers will be applied
  2. Prime the surface ready for the thermoplastic
  3. Lay the preformed markings in the correct spaces (these must be two metres apart to comply with Government requirements)
  4. Melt the material onto the surface with specialist equipment
  5. Leave the markings to cool

It is important you get professionals to install the markings to ensure the correct distances and to make certain the material is applied correctly.

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For more information on how our installers carry out the application, please complete our contact form today. 

School Distance Markings

If you are a headteacher, it is likely you have thought about social distancing within your school. Our team have a range of designs available for school distance markings. 

We have plenty of coloured markings for you to have a look at along with different types of markings; this includes circles, footsteps, 2m lines and more. 

The distance markings in schools are important for both students and visitors. Students will be aware of the 2m gap they must comply with by having the markers installed. 

These markings are also great for the childrens' guardians. When they come to collect the students they must also keep to the social distancing rules set by the Government. Having the social distancing markers installed will help them to do this. 

Nursery Surface Graphics

Just like schools, nurseries will also have to install some sort of markings to encourage social distancing. 

Since these children are a lot younger, it can be hard to help them to understand. Our colourful graphics are bright and vibrant, which can really help children to pay attention to the markings. 

Have a look through our different designs to find the right nursery surface graphics for your establishment. 

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If you would like more information on the social distancing floor graphics that we can install, please get in touch with our team today. 

Simply fill in the contact form provided and we will be able to offer you information on the various designs and the costs involved. 

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