Children's Playground Re-Marking

Children's Playground Re-Marking

We can provide an excellent service of re-marking your surface. It is crucial to ensure that your area is maintained proactively to ensure this repair can be done as soon as possible.

Re-Marking of Surfaces

Re-Marking of Surfaces

You may schedule a re-marking now or ask any necessary questions through the contact form and we will be happy to answer.

Why Remark a Surface?

Why Remark a Surface?

You should remark your line markings to make sure the court is in great condition all year round, and easy to read by the players.

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Children's Playground Re-Marking

Our team are experts in playground remarking. If you wish to have your graphics refurbished, you've come to the right place.

We can carry out children's playground re-marking if the graphics have started to fade or become out-worn over time.

Many schools have playground re-marking services of their play markings installed to enhance the appearance of the flooring, allow the children to have a more enjoyable time, and impress the OFSTED staff.

Playground markings may be essential for pupils' learning, along with their entertainment and physical fitness levels.

Markings may be used for children of any age, from EYFS and up to primary school. Along with normal, fun play area designs, you'll also find topic oriented markings, such as Geography, Maths, English.

This might be in the form of number grids, letters, words, compasses and roadways.

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If you're interested in finding out more about our re-lining services, please contact our team and we will get back to you with more information on the process including details on costs and prices for the re-marking to your surrounding area. 

Kids' Play Area Markings Near Me

The markings inspire children to get energetic and engage in far more outdoor activities. As inactivity statistics are slowly developing with children in the United Kingdom, the markings provide an excellent strategy to handle this problem directly in primary schools.

We've worked with many primary schools and nurseries when installing the flooring graphics. Each of these is made out of superior quality components meaning that they are long lasting and secure.

It really is important for the floor designs to be safe to use as children would be playing on them on daily basis. When you have a tired tarmac surface, the interesting markings can significantly improve the appearance and create a more dynamic design for the surface.

They are able to catch the attention of all genders as well as a variety of age groups. All the external surfaces are installed to the highest standards.

You can look here - to learn more about the surfaces that are great for remarking. 

What is Play Area Re-Marking?

Children's play area Re-Marking is a service that we may offer to clients looking to get their facility revitalised or to anyone looking for a new design on their surface.

Schools can commonly need new designs when children become bored with the playground lines that they currently own.

Therefore, we can offer either a repaint or a re-mark to ensure that if the school would like either one of these services we can easily provide them.

Our company offers a lot of designs and shapes for each of the thermoplastic lines so that they can be completely suitable for your facility.

A lot of schools, kindergartens and open public areas have the heat applied plastic lines put down to create a decorative and longer lasting finish.

Having great painting graphics in place can also improve your Ofsted report and allow your school to be ranked better.

Our experts can carry out improvements and relining of old shapes to enhance them and add more multi-colored patterns. Various traditional activities can be applied to the recreational surface which includes number grids and hopscotch.

How to Re-Mark a Playground

If you are looking how to re-mark a nearby play-area closest to you, we would recommend having local professionals follow these basic steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface
  2. Apply moss and algae treatment if necessary
  3. Repair any cracks in the surface
  4. Apply anti slip coating if required
  5. Mark over the existing lines

Relining a playground is quite a simple procedure and can be re-marked to the needs of your specification.

However, just because it is a predominantly simple job, we will always recommend that you should carry out the correct research to find the correct contractors who are fit for the job.

This is because there can still be plenty of damage done to a surface if you are not careful in choosing the correct providers.

Although it is a simple service, we always recommend that you take a proactive maintenance approach to maximise the lifespan of your facility so that you don't require a relining service for as long as possible.

This will also help you to ensure that your court is clean and that no pores are clogged as this could cause serious damage in relation to flooding and waterlogging.

Advantages of Re-Marking a Playground

Re-Marking any surfaces can have a whole variety of different advantage especially to a school. The school's play area is likely to be used every day by a pupil and can therefore begin to fade in colour over time until it becomes very vague.

This means that a simple re-marking can quickly revitalise these lines to make them as bold and bright as they were when they were first installed.

These games lines can also become boring as time goes by, therefore causing children to become bored and consequently choosing to not use the area again.

This could happen at your school and obviously a quick relining would enable you to choose a different game to be made on the surface which could be much more beneficial to both the school and the pupils because the school will see educational benefits in school if the children have fun out of school.


There are numerous advantages of remarking any playground across the UK.

If you would like to find out more about the facilities we remark look here - or speak to our experts today.

As we have years of experience and expert knowledge, we can get the best results, at the best rates. Just send any questions you have to our team who will happily get back to you shortly. 

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