Thermoplastic Game Markings

Thermoplastic Game Markings

We have a huge range of different designs that can be installed to create and exciting facility for your school or nursery

Plastic Activity Trails

Plastic Activity Trails

These trails help to massively improve children's problem solving and physical fitness whilst ensuring they have an enjoyable time

Traditional Linemarkings

Traditional Linemarkings

The linemarkings are a cheap and effective method of improving your facility for the children, allowing them to opportunity to have fun without the need of equipment

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Early Years Play Areas

We are specialists in providing different products and services to schools for early years play areas to help improve the overall learning quality of the pupils.

It's essential that children have a place to relax and enjoy themselves during the school day, which means having an early years playgrounds is a must for a good school.

We offer a huge range of different play products that can brighten up and bring life to your play-area, improving the quality of learning and fun at your facility.

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Thermoplastic Marking Designs Near Me

With regard to kids' play-areas, colourful designs are generally installed to brighten up the surfacing and add colourful graphic designs.

Pupils will enjoy entertaining games together with increasing their physical health and acquiring necessary skills. Graphics can be installed to suit kids of every age group, from Early Years Foundation Stage up to primary school.

Alongside typical, fun recreational designs, you can also find subject oriented designs, including maths and English that can excel children mentally.

This may be through things like maths squares, alphabets, words, compasses and geographical maps.

These can be both floor and wall markings that can help kids interact with their surrounding areas. 

Playground Linemarking Benefits

The vibrant patterns are ideal for getting children to be far more active and healthy, as well as helping them to have fun outside.

Because obesity statistics are gradually escalating with kids in the United Kingdom, the markings provide an effective strategy to tackle this problem particularly in primary schools.

We may install the colourful recreational markings to many varieties of facility to improve the quality of the institution. They're all made out of top quality substances which means they will be weather resistant and dependable.

It's key for floor graphics to be secure because kids will be making use of them all the time. If you have and worn out early years play areas the colourful markings could drastically enhance the overall look and produce a more lively look for the surface. T

he marking can catch the attention of children of all abilities along with a variety of age groups. It helps give children of all ages to have fun with their time out of class.

Marking Installation Near Me

You can install a selection of shapes, measurements and colours to obtain a suitable design for your nearby creche nursery.

The versatile heat applied plastic patterns are resilient effective so they should last a long time in the recreational area.

For local schools closest to you which presently have out of date and old play-area graphics we may recover these to make them look completely new and exciting.

We are able to use classic play markings including snakes and ladders and hopscotch, and various other classic features.

What Are Sport Pitch Designs?

Sports pitch designs can vary depending upon the sports you wish to play on the court. Sports line markings available such as netball and hockey.

As youngsters can take part in lots of exciting activities, they'll be more concentrated in lessons so it’s much easier for them to understand information.

Youngsters could also build up interpersonal skills through experiencing activities with other people, together with being much healthier plus more active.

Lots of necessary skills like teamwork and solving problems may be taught through playing the different games within the playground.

Through enjoying the marking games, the kids can have fun together as a group along with experiencing independent creative games that come in a range of designs. 

Installation Specification

It is relatively simple to apply colourful games markings to surrounding areas which therefore means the kids can get back to enjoying the play area quickly.

The line markings will be laid out on the play surface and then heated up so they melt and stick to the tarmac. It is an environmentally friendly, safe and fully reliable material which can refresh an existing play-area.

The recreational patterns that we offer are excellent for making your area more exciting and educational. We take pride in being able to educate and entertain through colourful playground designs.

The cost and pricing for products will vary dependant upon the location of the job and the specification you want for the marking.


Each case we deal with has different requirements as well as specification so there is not a set price for the EYFS markings. If you're interested in finding out the exact cost of your playground markings, get in touch with us today. 

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