Playground Marking Design

Playground Marking Design

These markings help children of all ages improve their numeracy skills along with fitness by making it into a fun activity

Fun Game Specifications

Fun Game Specifications

Improve the kids time at nursery and school by installing cost effective thermoplastic marking onto your play area surface

Creative Fun Kindergarten Games

Creative Fun Kindergarten Games

We can improve your facility and play area with different thermoplastic applications that encourage fun and fitness at your facility

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Kindergarten Activity Markings

As experts in thermoplastic marking installation, we can install markings in many kindergartens across the UK.

Kindergarten activity markings are a great way to enhance children's play areas.

We specialise in offering kindergartens the opportunity to improve their play areas to ensure that they offer a unique and exciting facility for children to use.

We want to make sure that all of our clients are aware of our cost effective methods of creating and exciting playground.

One of the best ways of improving your facility in a cost effective manner is to have thermoplastic kinder garten activity markings installed which allow children to use their imagination to learn and have fun.


If you have any questions regarding the range of different designs and specifications that are available then please feel free to complete the enquiry form to get in contact with us.

We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can with different case studies and information to help you understand what we have to offer.

Recreational Thermoplastic Designs Near Me

With regards to children’s recreational areas, colourful designs are often applied to improve the surface and create bright coloured graphic designs.

Playground markings may be crucial for the children’s learning, alongside their entertainment and physical fitness levels. You can have a lot of line marking installed which are appropriate for primary schools and also high school.

Academic graphics could be used so the youngsters can enjoy games to understand numerous skills.

This can be through things like numbered squares, alphabets, phonics, hopscotches and geographical maps which will help develop kids.

How to Improve Physical Development

Play designs can be beneficial in increasing pupils' fitness and overall wellness and it's an excellent way to make fitness enjoyable. For children, obesity is a growing problem and having designated games spaces is a terrific way to enhance fitness.

We can install the brightly coloured playground graphics to a lot of kinds of location. Specialist thermoplastic kinder garten activity markings are applied to produce the designs, providing top durability.

Because young kids are going to be running and playing games on the graphics, it is essential for them to be safe to use. We’re equipped to install the colourful graphics to existing tarmac surfaces to help improve the playgrounds.

They will catch the children's attention of both genders along with a variety of age groups.

Line Marking Specifications

There is a variety of colours and shapes thermoplastic marking may be installed in that you may select from that are appropriate to fit a certain subject or school.

Heat applied plastic playground designs can be great for leisure areas, primary schools and day care organisations as they are really tough and durable.

We will carry out maintenance and relining of old line shapes to enhance them and incorporate dynamic designs to the surrounding area.

A number of classic activities could be applied for the playground surface including number grids and hopscotch to increase children's basic numeracy. 

What are The Benefits of Playground Graphics?

The benefits of playground graphics are improving children's participation in activities and sports, allowing them to interact with each other and more. Sports line-markings are also available, such as netball and basketball.

This really helps to build children’s fitness and activeness meaning they may be more focused in lessons, enabling them to tune in better and improve their education.

Together with physical and mental advantages of play flooring markings, there are a lot of social benefits for the children. Children are encouraged to learn numerous essential abilities via actively playing the activities at their local school closest to them.

The youngsters will be able to play with others and build friendships through the use of thermoplastic marking. 

Installation and Construction Specialists Near Me

It is relatively simple to install nearby playground activity graphics and this means the youngsters can return to having fun with the play area as quickly as possible.

We’ll put the pre-cut designs onto the macadam surface and apply heat using a burner until they stick down. As soon as the work is finished, the markings leave a vibrant and long lasting appearance.

If you want to make your school or nursery play facilities more fun and impressive, playground graphics are a great feature to have.

We take pride in having the ability to entertain and educate via the thermoplastic play surface markings.


Our specialists are able to provide a range thermoplastic graphics for your facility. These can include playground surfacing designs, wall panels and educational games. We have a range of graphiccs available so you are sure to always find something to suit you. 

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