Bespoke Hopscotch Area

Bespoke Hopscotch Area

These different thermoplastic playground hopscotch designs make a huge difference to the overall quality of your facility.

Thermoplastic Playground Hopscotch

Thermoplastic Playground Hopscotch

We can install a thermoplastic playground hopscotch for your school, nursery or play park.

Playground Markings

Playground Markings

As a team of specialists, we have experts knowledge and years of experience installing playground designs.

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Thermoplastic Playground Hopscotch

Our team are experts in the thermoplastic marking industry. We can install a range of designs including the ever so popular: hopscotch.

If you are looking to install a thermoplastic playground hopscotch we are able to help.

There are a huge range of different products and services that are designed to help improve the overall quality of school for children. It's vital to make sure that the play-area is fun and engaging for kids, ensuring that they develop properly both mentally and physically.

One of the most popular surface graphics we have on the market are traditional game designs such as thermo plastic playground hopscotch.

We also have number based education graphics that offer a huge range of different useful skills to children that can improve their development dramatically.

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For more details regarding the various different designs and specifications that we have to offer and how the different graphics can boost your local facility and its surrounding areas.

Thermoplastic Game Marking

Colourful play area linemarkings are getting to be popular in lots of schools and play groups as they produce an impressive design with fun games.

Play area surface markings could be crucial for the kids' learning, along with their enjoyment and physical fitness levels.

You can choose from lots of graphics that can be suited to Key Stages 1 and 2 along with secondary school. Educational linemarkings may be installed so the kids closest to you can engage in games to understand many different topics.

Common features like this consist of number squares, alphabet activities, and other games.

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The vibrant designs, which can be used to create a hopscotch, are ideal for encouraging little ones to be much more active and healthy, as well as helping them to have fun in the fresh air.

Because obesity statistics are slowly escalating with children in the UK, this is an effective method to deal with this directly in nearby schools. We install brightly coloured play markings to a lot of varieties of location.

Premium plastic is applied to create these types of surface markings, providing maximum durability.

The coloured surface markings are created to be slip resilient to ensure that they are secure for the kids when using the area.

When you have an old tarmac floor, the fun shapes may drastically improve the visual appearance and create a more vibrant design for the play space.

Kids of all ages and capabilities can have fun with the games that are completed from the thermoplastic graphics.

Look here - to see the suitable surfacing options and how they can impact your facility. 

Colourful School Thermoplastic Activities

There is a choice of colours and shapes for a hopscotch design which you may select from that are ideal to fit a subject or school.

A number of primary schools, kindergartens and public areas have the thermoplastic play-area hopscotch graphics installed to develop a colourful and longer lasting facility.

You may look here - to see how creches could be positively impacted by hopscotches and other thermoplastic playground creative graphics.

Our experts may complete improvements and relining of pre-existing playground markings to strengthen them and incorporate dynamic designs.

We are even able to implement classic recreational markings which include footsteps and number grids, and other classic features.

School Play And Sport Designs

Sports line-markings could also be included, such as tennis and basketball. Through frequent activity, kids are better equipped to learn inside the classroom, and this has several academic advantages too.

Kids may also acquire social skills through experiencing activities with other pupils, as well as getting much healthier plus more physically fit.

Children are equipped to learn a lot of important skills while enjoying the outdoor activities at school. This allows the children to make friends while they are having fun.

Colourful Play Area Specifications Near Me

It is quite simple to apply colourful game graphics -like a hopscotch - which therefore means the children can get back to using the playground as quickly as possible.

We will place the cut out shapes onto the macadam surface and melt them using a burner until eventually they adhere to the flooring. The finished product is a safe and brightly coloured set of markings that is excellent for enhancing the look of a school playground.

These are an effective way to boost a playground's look and make it more enjoyable for children. Youngsters can learn better along with improving their fitness and interpersonal skills using these enjoyable play area markings.


When looking at installing a hopscotch to your school or nursery you may need to consider remarking for future maintenance.

This can be crucial to ensure that they stay in great condition for a number of years. You can learn more about remarking here - to see how this can benefit you. 

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We will talk you through the different specifications and how they can affect your budget.

We can tailor each specification of thermoplastic playground hopscotch to make the design cheaper or more cost effective for you. 


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