Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic Markings

These markings help children have a great time in school along with allowing them to excel at their maths skills

Snake And Ladders Designs

Snake And Ladders Designs

These designs help to improve the overall quality of your facility dramatically, enhancing the playground for your students

Coloured Number Squares

Coloured Number Squares

Help children develop both physically and mentally with these stylish designs and markings

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Maths Playground Activity Designs

Our team are expert playground marking installers in the UK and can install mathematical designs to help your students.

We have a variety of maths playground activity designs available for you to choose from to better your school play area.

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Playgrounds are an essential part of any school or nursery, without them children don't have the opportunity to relax and unwind after a hard day of learning.

We want to make sure that all of our clients are aware of the different products and services that have on offer that can improve your facility.

The costs and prices of the thermoplastic graphics will vary depending on the design and specification of the markings, along with the location that you want the marking job to take place.

For more details about the prices and costs please use the contact box to get in touch with us and we will get in contact with you with the necessary information.

As experts, we can provide you with all the information necessary to ensure you are getting the maths playground designs that suit your facility. 

Playground Graphic Installation Experts Near Me

Many schools now get playground graphics installed like maths activities to help enhance the appeal of their own facility, enable the youngsters to have more fun, and impress the OFSTED staff.

You can find out more here - to see how KS2 can benefit from the installation. The graphics are good for strengthening children’s physical fitness and encouraging them to master new skills.

Thermoplastics may be used for children of any age, from EYFS and up to high school. Academic graphics could be installed so that the pupils can engage in playground math games games.

This might be done with maths grids, alphabets, phonics, compasses and geographical maps.

Educational Playground Games

The markings motivate pupils to be energetic and take part in more learning games. Fun markings are likely to get the kids more involved as opposed to boring ones, so make sure to choose some of our exciting designs.

As obesity statistics are gradually growing with children in the UK, these educational play games are an excellent way to handle this particularly in schools.

We've worked alongside several primary schools and play groups when applying these floor graphics. They are all made from high grade materials which means they are long lasting and secure.

Since young children will be running and playing games on the maths line-markings, it is important for them to be safe. We’re equipped to apply these kinds of colourful designs to basic macadam floors in order to enhance the local facility closest to you.

All the patterns are ideal for youngsters of various age groups, and additionally they could even think of their own activities.

Maths Marking Games for Children

There is a choice of colours and designs that you may choose from that will be suited to fit a specific topic or school.

A number of primary schools, kindergartens and public spaces have the maths play-area markings installed to make a vibrant and long lasting end result.

Our experts may administer maintenance and cleaning of existing line-markings to improve them and incorporate attractive patterns.

We're able to install classic play-area markings like snakes and ladders and number grids, and several other traditional features to improve interaction along wtih numeracy and literacy skills.

Recreational School Play Area Near Me

If you need to create a sporting activities surface for the recreational facility and its surrounding area, we could also include markings for several other events.

With the help of consistent exercise, children are more likely to understand lessons inside the classroom, which means this has lots of educational benefits as well.

You can find out more information here - regarding the range of surface designs we've got available.

Youngsters may also build up social skills by experiencing games with others, as well as getting much healthier and even more physically active.

Through the enjoyable games and graphics, there is a great opportunity to learn teamwork skills along with solving problems. The kids are then able to play with other classmates and build relationships. 

Thermoplastic Play Area Marking

The application procedure of plastic graphics is rather quick and easy, minimising interruption at nearby schools and kindergartens.

We’ll put the pre-cut designs onto the playground floor and add heat using a special burner until eventually they adhere to the flooring.

It's an environmentally friendly, safe and completely solid surface that will restore a pre-existing play ground. If you want to make your school’s outdoor play area more fun and thrilling, recreational graphics are a fantastic feature to install.

We are proud of educating and entertain with thermoplastic play-area markings.


The maths graphics are great for children of all ages and all facilities. Whether you are looking to install the designs in an EYFS, creches, nurseries, schools or any other local area, we are able to provide great results.

Speak to us today to find out more about our years of experience and expert knowledge. 

Other Graphics We Offer

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We will help talk your through the various playground marking options that we have available and how the price can be affected by the different maths playground activity designs and also the specifications you may choose. 


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