External Playground Marking Designs

External Playground Marking Designs

The designs that we offer can be installed both inside and outside of your facility. However, installing them outside means that they can be seen by everyone.

Play Area Surface Designs

Play Area Surface Designs

Playgrounds commonly install the designs we offer outside to ensure that the children have as much fresh air as possible.

Markings on Playground Surfaces

Markings on Playground Surfaces

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External Playground Marking Designs

Are you looking for outdoor playground marking installers? Our team offer the very best designs across the United Kingdom for a range of outdoor spaces.

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Many nurseries now get external playground marking designs put down to help improve the appearance of the facility, let the little ones have more fun, and impress the OFSTED staff.

The graphics are brilliant for increasing children’s physical fitness and supporting them to learn important skills. They are great for virtually all kids of varied age groups in both Key Stages 1 and 2.

The educational marking may be installed so the kids will play games to learn a variety of school subjects. Widely used features for these consist of maths grids, letter snakes, and maps.

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What are Outdoor Playground Designs?

Outdoor school playground markings are the surfacing designs found outside of the facility. Play areas can be beneficial in improving kids' physical fitness and all around health and it's an ideal way to make exercise become exciting.

For primary school children, obesity is an increasing problem and having external games spaces is an effective way to enhance health and activity. We provide our thermoplastic playground markings to numerous different types of location.

Premium material is employed to make these kinds of surface marking, ensuring top strength. It is always important for the thermoplastic playground markings to be secure because small children would be running on them on daily basis.

Completely new playground markings might also make the facility appear more vibrant and interesting, this may attract children and parents to the primary school, and even enhance your OFSTED review.

Thermoplatic playground markings can catch the attention of both genders along with a variety of age groups.

How to Maintain Marking Designs Near Me

There is a variety of colours and designs that you could choose from for your playground markings, which are suited for a nearby topic or primary school and their surrounding areas.

The versatile heat applied plastic patterns are durable and strong so they’ll last a long time for the recreational area.

We will also undertake maintenance and renovation for tired floor graphics that may have been worn out or end up being damaged with time. We are also able to implement classic play marking such as duck-duck-goose and target throwing, and various other traditional favourites.

Maintaining your thermoplastic playground markings is important due to the many benefits that come from this. This includes how clean your primary school playground will stay and ensuring that any pores stay unclogged to avoid waterlogging and flooding.

It also ensures that your facility's lifespan will be maximised, meaning that the area will be able to last as long as possible without requiring a repair.

We also offer repainting services https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/refurbishment/repainting/ which allows your facility to be in great condition for a long period of time. 

Outdoor Playground Marking Graphics

If you want to create a sports surface on your external play area through thermoplastic playground markings, we could also add designs for a number of other options.

Since youngsters are encouraged to engage in several exciting activities, they'll be a little more concentrated throughout classes so it’s easier to learn.

By experiencing various activities with other pupils, the youngsters are able to improve socially as well as physically.

Some of the activities include basketball https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/games/basketball/ which encourages a range of people to get involves and play with others.

Several critical abilities like group interaction and solving problems may be learnt via participating in the various activities in the local area closest to them.

While taking part in the thermoplastic playground markings activities, the kids can come together as a team in addition to experiencing distinctive games.

Children's Activity Play Area Markings Near Me

Heat applied thermoplastic playground markings have got a distinctive method in terms of how they'll be put down. The designs that have been requested are just positioned onto the surface, and heated with specialist equipment to securely melt them to the flooring.

It is an eco-friendly, user safe and completely stable product that will refresh an existing school playground.

If you wish to make your school or nursery facilities more enjoyable and thrilling, the graphics are a good product to have.

Our diverse product range is wonderful for helping children to learn and enjoy themselves when actively playing outdoors.


External surfaces are a great for a number of facilities across the UK. For schools, nurseries and parks that are looking for playgrounds https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/flooring/playground/, the thermoplastic playground markings are crucial to help kids engage.

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