Playground Marking Specialist

Playground Marking Specialist

The playground markings we provide are amazing quality and extremely durable. Many schools now implement these because of the benefits they come with.

Floor Games Designs

Floor Games Designs

The games we offer for playground across UK usually enable Ofsted to give more marks to schools because it shows the school cares about physical health.

Thermoplastic Learning Graphics

Thermoplastic Learning Graphics

When installing thermoplastic playground markings in a range of facilities, we use specialist equipment to ensure we get the best results.

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Playground Floor Marking Specialists

We are playground marking specialists and can install a whole host of markings within the sports and play industry.

We pride ourselves as marking installation specialists over our experience and knowledge on how to create the best possible play area for our clients.

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One of the most cost effective and popular products we have available to increase the design and play characteristics of your facility are the playground graphics.

These help to improve the school for the children. If you have any questions regarding the various different products, services, designs and specifications that we have available then please feel free to use the contact form to speak with us.

We will get back to you as soon as we can with the necessary information regarding the costs and prices.

For more information, you can contact touch with our team by completing the provided enquiry box. This will allow you to ask any questions you want.

Our team are happy to give you all the details you require to ensure you get the exact results you desire.

Colourful School Graphics Near Me

For the purpose of kids' playgrounds thermoplastic graphics are frequently put down to enhance the floor and combine colourful graphics.

Youngsters can appreciate entertaining activities in addition to strengthening their fitness and learning necessary skills. Playground markings could be applied for kids of every age group, from Early Years Foundation Stage and up to high school.

Additionally regular, entertaining playground graphics, there are also education oriented floor designs, for example, maths and English. Popular features for these include maths squares, alphabets, and world maps.

Therefore, the playground markings are multi-purpose and provide benefits to both schools and pupils. You may find out more about MUGAs here - to see how they can improve your play area.

Pupils will have fun and socialise at the same time as learning and schools will be able to teach the children better as pupils will have a wider attention span from the fresh air they received during their break.

What is Thermoplastic Playground Marking?

Thermoplastic playground marking is the installation of thermoplastic graphics to existing surfaces.

Our play area marking installers can provide the playground markings to motivate pupils to become active and engage in more games outside.

For children, inactivity is a growing problem and having outdoor exercise areas is a great way to increase health. We offer vibrant recreational line markings to several kinds of location.

The graphics that our team implement are produced from top quality plastic material so they give durability and dependable results. As young children will undoubtedly be running and playing on the playground markings, it is important that they be safe to use.

Completely new graphics could also make the school look a lot more dynamic and interesting, this can attract children and adults to the school, and also increase your OFSTED review.

They can appeal to both genders and a range of age groups. We also offer remarking services which allows you to keep the play area marking maintained for a long period of time. 

Designs and Specifications

You could install an array of floor line marking dimensions and colours to acquire a fantastic set playground marking for your nearby school and its surrounding areas.

The colourful thermoplastic patterns are resilient and effective so they will last for many years for your play area. We could carry out repairs and relining of present play shapes to strengthen them and add more colourful designs.

We're even able to implement traditional playground markings including snakes and ladders and target throwing, and other traditional features.

Thermoplastic Sport Graphics

Sports line markings are also offered, such as netball and football. Through frequent exercise, youngsters are more likely to understand lessons within the classroom, and this has many educational benefits at the same time.

Kids could also acquire teamwork skills by simply experiencing activities with other people, in addition to being more healthy and more physically active.

From the exciting activities and line markings, there's a fantastic chance to understand teamwork skills as well as solving problems. This encourages the kids to make a lot of friends while enjoying themselves.

Thermoplastic Activities Installation Near Me

The installation procedure for playground designs is rather simple and quick, minimising interruption for local primary schools and day care centres closest to you.

We will place the cutout designs on the tarmac floor and add heat with a special burner until eventually they stick down. It is an eco-friendly, user safe and 100% reliable material that can rejuvenate an existing playground.

These are an excellent way to increase a play area's aesthetic appeal so it's more fun for the children. Our distinct range of products is ideal for helping kids to learn and have a great time when actively playing outside. 


Installing thermoplastic activities to your nearby facility is the perfect way to encourgae children to play.

The playground markings can include tennis surfaces which allow youngsters to try new sports that they may enjoy. Find out more information now to get everything you need to know. 

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