Netball Line Markings

Netball Line Markings

Ideal for schools, parks and sports centres, our line markings are carried out to a high professional standard.

Maintaining Netball Surfacing

Maintaining Netball Surfacing

We clean and wash the surface, and carry out repairs followed by the painting and line marking.

Multi-Use Line Markings

Multi-Use Line Markings

Once finished, we can ensure you will be satisfied with the vibrant and professional finish,

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School Netball Court Painters

Our team are specialist netball court painters and provide a top quality maintenance service for schools and sports clubs.

We could complete the experienced assistance across the United Kingdom.

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Our company has built and even serviced netball court surfacings for a lot of kinds of organisations, which include KS1 schools and recreational organisations.

Every single build job we perform differs from the others simply because it has its own requirements.

The typical NBA netball court surfacing size is 28.65m x 15.24m, however sizes vary for each and every area. We're able to style and design a bespoke netball court that fits the space you have available.

We are able to provide high quality markings to make the courts look more professional and fun for those playing.

Our sports court paint coating experts can perform a high quality job on a range of netball courts whatever size, shape, or design.

Netball Surfacing Specifications Near Me

We can adapt our sports court painting jobs to meet any specification of net ball court. A very popular surface meant for net ball is type 1 and type two tarmacadam.

The geotextile membrane layer should be put in first, this approach avoids weed growth along with contaminants developing. Next angular stones are laid on top, this approach makes an excellent sub-base.

When the sub-base is put in, the tarmacadam layer is then built. Lastly, anti slip coloring and also line marks are going to be applied to a tarmac surface area. This enhance slip resistance properties. 

It is important for schools to have anti slip (slip resistance) on their netball courts so the children do not slip and hurt themselves.

This type of surface area is cost efficient, it requires a minimal quantity of maintenance and offers a fantastic anti slip standard. One more surface which is often fitted is type three as well as 4 polymeric rubber surfaces.

To build polymeric netball courts, a similar technique is completed except a polymeric surface is put over the macadam.

These are great for external playgrounds that are looking to improve their surrounding areas. 

Multi Use Line Markings

Netball court surfaces are often developed into multi-purpose facilities for lots of extra sports activities. To do that, you just add extra line-markings along with goals if necessary.

Line marks intended for multi-sport surfaces really should be used in unique colours, as a result each and every sport standout and so the guidelines and also scores will likely be clear to understand.

As evident, we are playground marking specialists closest to you so the net ball markings can be implemented into many different sports courts.

Painting Netball Court Facilities Near Me

We are able to perform each proactive as well as reactive maintenance for sports playing facility surfaces. We firmly suggest that you are proactive with your servicing, since this can potentially decrease the volume of reactive repairs and maintenance essential.

Our experts will recommend that you have got a planned care schedule ready to maintain any netball court. A surface area must be cleansed should you spot any sort of litter or perhaps debris on the playing facility.

We can tailor a quote around your project specifciations, based upon location and other factors such as size, shape and design. All line-markings are done to a professional standard that is compliant with UK Netball court standards.

You can find out more regarding the range of playground markings here - or speak to our specialist team today. 

Maintaining Sport Surfaces

For those who don’t deal with impairments and problems on the nearby court, they might distribute and even cause safety hazards.

We've got pros who can carryout reactive upkeep for you and then they would make the surface area look great [POSTCODE]

The care projects which we all do a whole lot is actually washing, repairing, netball court painting and line marking.

Washing is the most essential section of any re-painting work, it is because if your area is not thoroughly clean, then your fresh paint coating will certainly stick to the debris and often will come off after the surface area will be then cleansed.


Getting secure fencing surrounding the local sports surface area can keep it secure. Good secure fencing structures helps to reduce vandalism and keep the area secure.

A far more tough and even hard wearing fence is often a solid weldmesh fencing. Every project we carry out, the expense change based on facility size, state on the surfacing along with the customers very own choices.

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