Key Stage 2 Play Area Designs

Key Stage 2 Play Area Designs

We offer a range of different designs for your playground. This is to ensure that your demands and intended specifications are met when installation is taking place.

Surface Markings for KS2

Surface Markings for KS2

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Imaginative KS2 Surface Designs

Imaginative KS2 Surface Designs

The designs we offer can range from imaginative to educational. However, all of our games are somewhat fun to ensure children have as much as possible.

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KS2 Play Area Designs

We are experts in creating educational designs for primary school students across the UK.

We can install Key Stage 2 play area designs to improve your primary schools.

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Many nurseries have playground graphics applied in order to enhance the benefits of the facility, allow the kids to have a more enjoyable time, and impress inspector staff.

Pupils will be able to experience exciting activities as well as enhancing their fitness and learning essential skills. Graphics can be installed to suit children of every age, from Early Years primary school and up to high school.

In addition to normal, fun outdoor play surface markings, you'll also find education based games, such as Geography, Maths, English. This could be done with numbered grids, alphabets, words, clocks and geographical maps.

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How to Maintain KS2 Play Designs

Outdoor play surface markings could be important in enhancing kids' physical fitness and all around health and it is a good way to make physical fitness enjoyable.

For children, weight problems are a growing problem and having outdoor exercise areas is a great way to increase physical health. We offer the brightly coloured recreational specifications to a lot of varieties of area.

The playground design graphics we apply are created from superior quality thermoplastic to make sure they offer you stability and long lasting results. The brightly coloured graphics are made to be slip resilient to make sure that they’re safe for the children while using the area.

We’re prepared to install these types of coloured playground markings to plain macadam surfacing to help brighten the school play area.

Kids of any age and abilities can enjoy the activities that will be done using the thermoplastic markings. The maintenance of these markings is fairly straightforward.

However, our team always recommend that you take a proactive maintenance strategy to ensure that the life span of your facility is maximised and to ensure that the games designs look as vibrant as possible for a long time.

If you require repainting or want more information, click here - to see how this can impact your key stage 2 facility. 

What are KS2 Playground Design Graphics?

KS2 playground design graphics are the surface lines made uniquely to suit the needs and demands of a key stage 2 pupil. Since the pupils in this age group are still young, we tend to offer a range of simple playground designs that they can understand and therefore can still have fun whilst playing.

Games like snakes and ladders are very simple on playground surfaces and are therefore perfect for a key stage 2 pupil.

We provide an abundance of styles for the graphics for them to be appropriately fitted to your local facility. Lots of primary schools, play groups, and public areas get the lines installed to develop a colourful and long lasting finish.

We will additionally implement maintenance and renovation for old graphics which may have faded or end up being cracked over time.

We're able to install classic games including snakes and ladders and number grids, and various other timeless features.

Key Stage 2 Playground Surfacing Near Me

If you need to create a sports space for your facility, we may also add surface markings for many other games.

Through daily activity, kids are better equipped to understand lessons within the classroom, which means this has several academic advantages at the same time.

These sports surfaces can include tennis which allows youngsters to enjoy outdoor learning and new skills in an enjoyable way.

Children could also build up interpersonal skills through enjoying games with other people, together with becoming much healthier and even more physically fit.

Through the exciting activities and markings, there is a fantastic chance to learn teamwork skills and also problem-solving.

Through enjoying the games, the children can play together as part of a group in addition to participating in individual activities.

Surfacing Games Graphics Near Me

The application procedure for thermoplastic line-markings is pretty quick and easy, reducing interference at nearby primary schools and other organisations closest to you.

The lines will be laid onto the playground surface and surrounding areas and then heated so that they liquefy and stick to the flooring. It's an eco-friendly, user safe and 100% stable product which can revitalise an existing playground.

The range of recreational markings we offer are great for making your games space more enjoyable and educational. Kids should be able to enjoy outdoor learning more as well as increasing their physical fitness and social skills.


We have a range of games design for KS2 facilities including netball and tennis.

The installation of these thermoplastic designs can be a great way for a number of of children to begin to be active in the outdoors. 

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