Ofsted Playground Floor Markings

Ofsted Playground Floor Markings

The floor markings we offer can easily boost your Ofsted markings and are becoming increasingly admired by Ofsted inspectors.

Fun and Educational Surfacing

Fun and Educational Surfacing

Children and schools see the benefits of surface designs as children will be able to learn more and therefore the schools will be able to teach them to a much higher standard.

Easy Marks Awarded By Ofsted

Easy Marks Awarded By Ofsted

The surface designs engage children as well as widening their attention span. Therefore Ofsted see markings as appealing.

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Ofsted Playground Floor Markings

We have been in the playground marking industry for over 20 years. In this time, we have learnt what type of markings OFSTED are interested in. 

With Ofsted marks becoming so popular in and amongst schools, it is crucial that schools are now adapting to the demands.


This means that surfacing designs are great for gaining schools additional marks because of the ethical advantages it demonstrates.

For example, the Ofsted inspectors will be able to tell that the school is battling child obesity by implementing a Daily Mile track surface on their playground.

There could also be a sense of engagement shown by games surfacing involving numbers because these designs show that the school cares about children learning whilst having fun which is obviously a great advantage to Ofsted.

Colourful markings are becoming very popular in several schools and kindergartens since they create an appealing design with enjoyable games. Pupils are able to enjoy entertaining games in addition to strengthening their fitness and learning valuable skills.

You can install plenty of designs that can be ideal for Key Stages 1 and 2 along with older children. Educational designs may be installed so that the pupils may play to learn an array of school subjects.

This could be through maths grids, alphabets, word games, targets and geographical maps.

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Play Area Games Graphics Near Me

Recreational floor markings could be key in increasing pupils' fitness and all around health and it's an easy way of making exercise become entertaining.

Because obesity statistics are slowly rising with children within the United Kingdom, these playgrounds are an effective solution to handle the problem specifically in primary schools.

We can install our graphics to numerous different types of location. The graphics that our team implement are produced from premium thermoplastic so that they present resilience and longer lasting results.

As children are going to be running around and playing on the lines, it is essential for them to be safe to use.

Completely new Ofsted floor markings could also make your school appear a lot more dynamic and interesting, this may attract kids and adults to the school, as well as improve your OFSTED report.

They are able to appeal to children of all abilities along with a range of age groups. The designs may be classic https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/graphics/classic/, creative and educational to suit every facility across the UK. 

How to Maintain Playground Floor Markings Near Me

There is a selection of colours and shapes that you may choose from that are suited for a topic or primary school.

The coloured plastic designs are durable and strong so they should last for many years on the recreational area. We can complete maintenance and the relining of old thermoplastic shapes to enhance them and add more attractive designs.

Plenty of classic games could be applied on the play area flooring like number grids and snakes and ladders. Maintaining your nearby surface markings should be an easy process.

However, this does not mean that a proactive maintenance strategy is not recommended as your area's life span will be maximised and will look clean for as long as possible.

What is Ofsted Playground Floor Marking?

Ofsted playground floor marking is the process of applying thermoplastic graphics to a school's outdoor area in the attempt to enhance school inspection reports.

We could additionally implement lines for many sports activities to develop a multi-sport surface and surrounding areas.

With regular activity, children are more likely to learn inside the classroom, which means this has many educational benefits at the same time.

Children could also build up teamwork skills by simply experiencing games with other people, together with becoming healthier plus more physically fit.

Having these graphics in place within a KS1 school https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/learning/ks1/ can be a great way to encourage kids to play and interact with others whilst outside.

With the games and designs, there is also a fantastic possibility to learn social skills and problem-solving. When taking part in the activities, the children can work together as part of a team in addition to enjoying individual activities.

This allows them to build their social skills as well as gain new friends all at the same time as learning because they are dealing with numbers and possibly letters.

Playground Activity Markings

The application of thermoplastic lines is rather simple and quick, minimising disturbance in local primary schools and other organisations closest to you.

The lines should be laid out on top of the play surfacing and then heated so they soften and adhere to the floor. Once the work is completed, the markings leave a vibrant and durable appearance.

If you want to make your school’s playground more enjoyable and impressive, these kinds of recreational designs are an excellent feature to have.

We are proud of having the ability to entertain and educate with thermoplastic recreational markings.

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Installing a basketball court https://www.playground-markings-direct.co.uk/games/basketball/ in your closest facility is a great way to improve your Ofsted report.

Many schools, nurseries and creches look for ways in which they can better their surrounding areas. Installing thermoplastic markings can be a great way to carry this out. 

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