Thermoplastic Markings Removal

Thermoplastic Markings Removal

The markings on your playground can be removed. As removing specialists, we always advise that you choose trusted professionals to remove your lines.

Removing Playground Markings

Removing Playground Markings

Playground markings are often removed to make space for a new set of markings to engage the children in a more productive game.

Playground Markings Removal

Playground Markings Removal

when removing playground markings, it is important that you have specialists on hand to provide you with the results you are looking for.

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Thermoplastic Markings Removal

We are experts in installing play graphics along with the thermoplastic markings removal in schools and nurseries.


For the purpose of kids' play areas coloured shapes are frequently installed to improve the surfacing and create vibrant designs.

Playground surface graphics could be crucial for the children’s education and learning, alongside their fun and fitness levels. Patterns can be applied for children of every age group, from EYFS to primary school.

These can incorporate academic games for several lessons for example maths and science. Some of the most frequently chosen graphics might be things like grids, clocks, words and footprints.

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Our team offer a special line removal method without causing damage to your surface. We are happy to provide you with all the necessary information to get the results you require.  

What is a Thermoplastic Marking Removal?

A thermoplastic marking removal is the process of having any old, previous line-markings removed.

Play area surface graphics could be useful in increasing children’s fitness and general health and it is an easy way to make exercise become fun.

Because obesity statistics are slowly increasing with kids in the UK, this is an ideal way to handle this problem particularly in primary schools. There are various facilities that could have colorful lines applied.

High standard thermo plastic is used to make these playground markings, ensuring top strength. The playground designs are made to be skid proof so that they are safe for the kids when using the facility.

We’re prepared to install these coloured lines to plain macadam floors as a way to enhance the play area. Children of every age group and abilities can have fun with the activities which are played while using the surface lines.

How to Undertake Thermoplastic Marking Removal Near Me

Removing thermoplastic playground lines is a simple service that we can undertake for you if you desire.

However, it is important that the line marking removal is carried out by professionals to ensure that the surface is not damaged and that the markings are removed properly and efficiently.

The many serious methods used for a removing the thermoplastic lines are efficient, however, ultra high pressure wash which will allow for removing of graphics off tarmac surfaces and sand jetting which utilises and abrasive aggregate at high pressure to undertake the playground or road marking removal are the best removal methods to consider.

Our pressure water jets are an easy and effective way to remove road markings and other unwanted graphics. This is known as water jetting. To find out more, please contact us.

We also remove thermoplastic wall markings which we have years of experience carrying out to a high standard. 

MUGA Line Markings Near Me

Our line graphics can also be installed as part of a multi use games area to allow for a very productive local facility that utilises as little space as possible within its surrounding areas.

MUGAs are great for facilities such as nearby KS2 schools closest to you who may need as much space in a playground as possible.

This is because the area only needs to be the size of one court to allow for a number of sports to be played.

For example, on a tarmac surface, netball, basketball and tennis can all be played due to the ability of tarmac in relation to how the balls bounce on the surface whereas on an artificial pitch, rugby and football are more likely to be installed in one facility because the grass prevents injuries in contact sports.

Heat Applied Designs

Our designs have a specialist process for how they're put down. The specific cut out plastic shapes which have been requested are placed on the floor, and heated up using a burner to melt them onto the chosen area.

As soon as the work is finished, the graphics result in a bright and strong appearance. If you want to make your school’s play area more enjoyable and impressive, these kinds of playground graphics are an excellent feature to install.

We take pride in having the ability to entertain and educate through colourful recreational lines.

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Removing a range of designs for creches from the surface can be carried out by our professionals.

We have years of experience handling a range of removals and have extensive knoweldge within the business. Let us know if you would like to learn more and speak to our thermoplastic marking professionals today. 

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