Schools Activity Wall Panels

Schools Activity Wall Panels

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Fencing Barrier for Schools

Fencing Barrier for Schools

We can install facility fencing in a number of locations across the UK. Our fencing is strong, secure, safe, durable and looks good regardless of what is inside the facility.

Installing Playground Wall Markings

Installing Playground Wall Markings

As experts, we are able to install your playground wall markings to a high standard to ensure you get the best results that are long lasting.

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School Activity Wall Panels

Along with being experts in line marking, we can also supply and install activity panels for schools.

School's Activity Wall Panels are in ensuring the safety of children to allow them to have as much fun as possible.

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The fences we offer are excellent to schools as they fit the purpose of not letting anyone in or out of the play areas to provide the establishment with maximum security and safety.

Our panels also look great when paired with an excellent set of games design markings on their playground which many schools are now having installed to add to the appearance of your facility, let the little ones have more fun, and impress inspectors.

Children will enjoy entertaining games in addition to increasing their physical health and learning essential skills. They are perfect for children from primary to secondary school in both Key Stages 1 and 2.

Along with standard, enjoyable playground designs, there are subject based markings, such as maths and English. The most commonly selected graphic designs might be things like number grids, planets, words and fun characters.

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What are Activity Wall Panels?

Activity Panels are the fencing barriers that surround a play area to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the property without permission.

If the activity panels are installed by professionals, then they are likely to make the play area markings look even nicer and more vibrant as well.

This is because, in a playground, the graphics are usually painted to a specific bright and vibrant colour to engage children with their surroundings and to connote to anyone passing the area that it is a school.

The markings really encourage children to be active and engage in more games outside. As obesity rates are gradually increasing with kids in the UK, this is an ideal method to deal with the issue in schools. We provide our vibrant recreational designs to many kinds of different facilities.

High standard thermoplastic is used to make these kinds of graphics, producing top strength. As young kids are going to be running around and playing on the surface of the graphic designs, it is important for them to be secure.

When you have an old tarmac facility, the vibrant shapes may significantly improve the visual appearance and create a more vibrant design for the play area. They're able to appeal to all children as well as a variety of ages.

How to Install Activity Wall Panel

When installing an activity wall panel you should have experts on hand to ensure you can get the results you are looking for.

When carrying out this process, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Discuss with you the design and style of the wall panel
  2. Find the location in which you want the activity to be placed
  3. Put in place the activity wall

As specialists we have years of experience of dealing with a number of installtions with different activities including creative games, hopscotch, maths, and classic games.

Let us know if you would like to find out more information on the activity panels for play areas, please speak to our specialists. 

School Facility Fencing Near Me

You can install a range of patterns, sizes, and colours to secure a fantastic design for your school or nursery.

You can learn more about nurseries and markings here - to ensure you get the design to suit your property.

Many primary schools, kindergartens, and public spaces have the thermoplastic markings put in to produce a vibrant and longer lasting facility. If you currently have dated and old play area markings we could restore these to ensure that they seem new and vibrant.

The variety of designs we are able to provide consists of lots of traditional games such as hopscotch and chess. The fencing should allow children to enjoy their games without worrying about outside of the playground.

We understand that to both schools and parents, safety is the number one priority and the wall activity panels we offer will ensure that this priority is met.

The fencing can also be installed to various different amounts of height to prevent footballs from flying over the playground and onto the road as this could be potentially dangerous for drivers.

How to Maintain Schools Wall Panel Near Me

Maintaining local schools wall graphics in is fairly easy because of the overall durability that our fences offer.

In a playground, these fences are likely to take only minor damages due to light sports equipment being used.

However, if the fencing was to be damaged from the outside and vandalised, we may help you resolve this issue by repairing the fencing and the surroundig area for you.

This will mean that the kids can get back to having fun with the playground as quickly as possible. Facility fencing is also important to ensure that the facility looks as good as possible and are usually installed in a vibrant colour to allow this to happen.

We can apply markings for a variety of sporting activities to develop a multi-use games area. Through regular activity, youngsters are more likely to understand lessons inside the classroom, and this has numerous academic advantages too.


Through enjoying games with other people, the children can grow socially as well as with physical fitness. A number of significant abilities like teamwork and solving problems can be mastered by participating in the different activities within the playground closest to you.

This encourages the children to make lots of friends while they're enjoying themselves.

Whether you are looking for wall graphics or creative thermoplastic designs, we can provide your facility with the perfect features to suit you. 

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