Road Safety Markings

Road Safety Markings

Help teach valuable life lessons to the children with these useful and informative markings

Thermoplastic Marking Experts

Thermoplastic Marking Experts

Help to improve the physical fitness of your pupils with these designs that encourage health and fitness

Imaginative Designs

Imaginative Designs

Encourage children to use their imaginations when playing with exciting and engaging designs encouraging them to play

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Primary School Games Markings

We are experts inside the installation of primary school's games markings and can offer the best value for money.

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School is an essential part of a child's life, it's the biggest factor in the overall development of a child so it's vital that they have all the necessary facilities and encouragement to ensure they develop properly.

We specialize in ensuring that the pupils have the correct facilities to enjoy themselves during their break whilst also engaging them both mentally and physically.

We do this in the form of primary school playground markings as they offer a cost effective method to improve a pupil's time at school.

If you have any questions regarding the huge range of different designs and specifications that we have on the market then please feel free to use the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can with the necessary information to improve your facility. 

What Are Play Area Marking Designs?

Play area marking designs are games which can be painted onto playground surfaces to improve children's interaction and educational play. When it comes to children’s play areas, colourful designs are often installed to enhance the flooring and create bright coloured graphics.

Youngsters will experience exciting playground games along with increasing their physical fitness and developing crucial skills. Graphics can be installed to suit children of all ages, from Early Years Foundation Stage up to primary and secondary school to increase and encourage development.

Alongside normal, fun play-area surface marking, you'll also find topic oriented playground markings, such as maths and English.

Widely used features for these consist of maths squares, alphabets, and other games these improve the children's knowledge and understanding whilst still having fun.

Kids should have the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time, improving their quality of school life.

There are also designs that include a daily mile which encourage both children and teachers to walk a mile a day. You can find out more here - to see how these school playground markings can improve your school. 

Benefits Of Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Playground markings may be beneficial in increasing children's physical fitness and overall health and it's a good way to make exercise become enjoyable.

This has lots of benefits regarding kids' health and wellbeing since weight problems are an increasing problem in schools. We've dealt with numerous schools and kindergartens when installing the playground markings.

Specialist material is employed to install these graphics, providing maximum strength. The primary school playground markings are made to be slip resilient to guarantee they are secure for the children while using the area.

We’re able to add these kinds of coloured playground markings to plain tarmac surfaces to help brighten up the playground. Kids of every age and capabilitiesincluding KS1 to KS2 can enjoy the activities that are done with the designs.

Marking Specification Specialists Near Me

We install lots of colours and shapes for these playground markings for them to be properly fitted to your facility and surrounding areas.

The coloured plastic designs are long lasting effective so they’ll last for many years on the play area.

We can additionally implement servicing and renovation for aged floor designs which could have faded or end up being damaged after a while.

We are able to implement traditional playground graphics which include duck duck goose and target throwing, and various other classic favourites.

These playground marking specifications help to improve the children's fun at school and nursery.

Sport MUGA Designs

We install playground markings for various sporting activities to create a multipurpose playground games surface. With regular exercise, youngsters are better equipped to understand lessons in the classroom, so this has numerous academic benefits too.

Youngsters may also develop teamwork skills by simply experiencing activities with others, along with being much healthier and more active.

A lot of critical skills such as teamwork and problem solving may be learnt via playing different activities on the play-area.

While enjoying the activities, the kids can easily work together in a group along with enjoying individual playground games.

Installation Experts Near Me

The installation process for thermoplastic playground markings is reasonably quick and simple, minimising disruption in local primary schools and nurseries closest to you.

The graphics will be laid onto the playground surface and then heated up so they soften and adhere to the tarmac. The end result is a safe and colourful design that is great for enhancing the appearance of a nearby play area.

The range of play area patterns that we offer are good for making the activity area more fun and educational.

Our varied range of products is fantastic for supporting youngsters to learn and have fun while actively playing outside.


Some of the products we have available include maths graphics, classic playground games, hopsotch and many more which can be perfect for a range of facilities.

Let us know what you would like to find out more information and details to ensure you are getting the right products to suit your facility. 

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As experts within the installation of infants and junior school games markings we can help show how the different specifications and location can affect the prices and costs of each playground marking job.


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